Local Skating Team Takes the Gold

Congratulations to the Star Lit Blades on their first place finish. This team features our very own Cassie, Jennifer, Kaydee, Elissa!!. Great job ladies!!


Local Synchronized Skating Team Wins Big in Sectionals
(Murray, UT). Think that hockey is the toughest sport on ice? Think again. The Star Lit Blades Synchronized Skating Team skated strongly into first place at the 2015 Midwest & Pacific Coast Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships held in Minnesota on January 29th.  The team competed against other teams from the western United States in an ice skating event that involves 8-20 skaters performing together while connected and in unison, in an environment where many of us have a hard time staying on our feet.
There are approximately 525 synchronized skating teams registered with U.S. Figure Skating, with nearly 5,000 athletes participating annually in the Sectional Championships across different regions. The Star Lit Blades competed this year at the Open Juvenile level against teams from Colorado, California, Washington, and other states in the Pacific Coast Region.  “Skating as a team is very different from individual skating,” said Ellie Karamati, one of the team’s coaches. “You have to work as a team on every step and every turn.  One misstep from one skater can cause the whole team to fall on the ice.” The team isn’t going to stop there.  Next year the Star Lit Blades will compete at the Intermediate Level, and a win there will qualify them to participate in Nationals.
The Star Lit Blades established their team in 2013 under the direction of Kelly Cassity and Ellie Karamati. Each skater has to be proficient on their own before earning a place on the team.  Even skilled individual skaters have to learn how to work with others in this team-oriented sport.  The team will be returning to Utah on Saturday, January 31st, gold medals in hand.